Chapel Survivors

The few who stand out


Airwynn Savoia (CG female human Kellid survivor) is member of the asylum support staff who suffered several broken bones during the quakes.

Baisily Harbour (LN female human Varisian survivor) is a patient who’s quick to smile and frequently sleepwalks into the hall. She might be replaced mid-adventure by a doppelganger who seeks to destroy the chapel’s Desnan shrine.

Bates Yopchick (LN male human Varisian survivor) is a wounded child who suffers from regular seizures. His condition grows worse without medication.

Brenton Lieklan (N male human Varisian survivor) is a frightened youngster who got separated from his brother during the uprising. He clings to a shadow lantern, the only memento of his departed parents.

DaNae Foulkes (LG female human Varisian chapel guard) is a patient in her fifties who’s recovering after a stress-induced nervous breakdown. She is largely recovered—if anything, recent events have steeled her. DaNae is pragmatic and mistrustful of strangers.

Denman Winoparess (CN male human Varisian survivor) is a poorly performing member of the asylum’s kitchen staff. He’s twitchy but good with a knife. York infrequently assigns him barricade duty.

Loic Ulsohnen (N male human Varisian survivor) is a middle-aged patient suffering from unsettling auditory hallucinations of his dead sister’s voice, He’s a fantastic storyteller and loves the sound of rain.

Maeve Kostenbau (CN female human Kellid survivor) is a traumatized youngster who’s repressed much of what she’s recently seen. She desperately wants to go outside and play, and throws temper tantrums if she’s not adequately distracted.

Mura Yopchick (N female human Varisian chapel guard) is a mute, distrustful patient who’s resided at the asylum for more than 12 years. She has become intensely protective of Bates.

Naysa Walika (NG female human Varisian chapel guard) is a veteran nurse with a calming voice and full-figured beauty. She has more than a decade of experience assisting the mentally ill, has natural singing talent, and is intensely curious about halflings.

Tolman Leolies (LG male human Garundi chapel guard) is a bookishly handsome young nurse and amateur artist. He is asexual and frequently prays to Shelyn. Tolman has recently sworn himself to protecting the children among the survivors and willingly lays down his life in their defense.

Vaustin York (LG male human Varisian chapel guard) is a former orderly with 1 year of military experience. His family—minor nobles from Rozenport—procured him a position at Briarstone to keep him close to home. “Captain” York proves especially protective of Winter, his friend Tolman, and the groups’ children.

Chapel Survivors

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